Sunrise above Australia from the plane

Landed and now back at home.

The flight back from Japan was pretty empty, and managed to get us back to Sydney by 7am. Apart from the umbrella piece of our luggage that came out towards the end, the whole immigration/custom queue was non existent. It is a great $3.50 umbrella, and we weren’t going to leave it behind.

However the transfer process to domestic was very, slow. Next time you are planning a trip overseas – avoid Sydney. We waited in a queue for at least an hour to get on an earlier flight. Standing around in a very small area with your luggage after a long flight is not what you want to do. Thankfully we were able to change flights and get home to Adelaide by 11:30am.

Thanks to both our mums for collecting us from the airport and providing a great lunch at home.

After unpacking and remembering what we bought (it is amazing what you forget after awhile), we downloaded close to 5000 photos from our camera cards. So we have just a few to select.

We are going to do one last post to this blog with our top highlights of Japan on the weekend, and add more photos to our flickr sites. However it has to wait as Kym returned to work today – ah the benefits of traveling within the same time-zone. So please check back later on!

One comment

  1. Amethyst · April 20, 2008

    Glad you got home ok!5000 photos – well done. I\’m heading to Flickr page in a moment ;0Look forward to catching up, i\’m heading near your work environment tomorrow. Kim, I\’ve never ever heard of Yiros break?


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