Re-arrangement sign

Re-arrangement sign, originally uploaded by Helen K.

While in Shanghai we did experience some “culture”, we visited the Shanghai Museum… in approximately an hour and a half. We had to shorten the time in order to pick up Kym’s suit. This also included a minor queue and security check to get past the front door.

The Museum itself was really well laid out, and had interesting exhibits, and it was free. Always a bonus. Great pictures, paintings and very very old relics. Not to forget an interesting sign – we felt no inconvenience.

Afterwards on the way to collect Kym’s suit, we got separated on the train. I made it on and Kym didn’t the train doors in Shanghai are not to be argued with, otherwise you might loose a limb. Then once the train got going, someone pulled the emergency cord major drama with guards running up and down the inside, and the train going no-where for 5 minutes. I found out later it was because someone got separated from someone, and panicked. Ot going, of course I got off the wrong stop, and caught the train back one to meet Kym… weph.

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