Vegetarians stop reading now!

Sapporo Beer garden, originally uploaded by Helen K.

While in Sapporo, there are 4 top tourist places to visit. The Mt Moiwa ropeway, the Clock Tower, the TV Tower, and the Sapporo Beer museum.

Like any good museum it is well designed on the inside, and has good explanations about the origins of Sapporo beer. Then there is the tasting bar on the ground floor – which was full when we turned up (close to 4:45pm), yes we did try the beer. However, on the way out we began to smell lamb… and followed our noses and sampled the famous beer garden. Here you can have beer and cook your own lamb and vegetables in the jingus kan style. If you are really hungry you can go for the all you can eat and drink in one and a half hours option. Thankfully we went for the sensible option of a plate of lamb and vegetables, with a dish of potatoes on the side.

It was great fun… and the food in the picture was very tasty once cooked!

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