Ah.. So to the tour

Leaving Nantes we headed for the feed station… Well at least we attempted to head to St. Mars de Coutais. However, surprisingly when you type in the name of the town on the GPS guide it doesn’t exist. Now I don’t know about you, but I’m not familiar with the roads here…. So you can imagine the few choice words uttered in the vehicle. Thankfully we saw a road side information bay (hooray!), it was then I worked out we were onto wrong side of Nantes with under an hour before the caravan was due to pass the feed station.

Thankfully, we were able to enter a larger town name into the GPS, and we were off again. You know you are on the right road when you see a large number of French people on bikes. After parking the car on the side of the road (along with everyone else) we walked towards the route to wait for the caravan to drive by.



  1. Kate · July 6, 2011

    More #tdf blogging please! Some of us need to live vicariously through you!! :-))

    Will be watching out for you tonight & hoping the racing is as good as yesterday…and that the weather is better. Enjoy!


  2. Kym · July 7, 2011

    Sorry no blog post tonight. Have uploaded some photos. Check-out Flickr


  3. Kate · July 7, 2011

    Flickr – WOW! Excellent vantage spot (if a bit wet, haha)

    Sounds like a huge day – get some rest 🙂


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