Biclooing around Nantes

Biclooing around Nantes, originally uploaded by kdt.

We have completed the first ride of our bike trip. This wasn’t one that has been agonised over for weeks, days or even hours. We had a need to find our car hire place.

We walked out of our hotel across to the train station, just happened across some fine French pastries (oops) and then we found the Bicloo stand. It was like a siren calling a captain. We gravitated helplessly toward the Bicloo stand. Hey we had 30 minutes surely thats enough to see Nantes???

We stood in front of the device haplessly pressing some buttons (the English button is particularly useful) shoved in my credit card (Why is it that everyone expects me to enter a PIN, but the machine never actually wants it???) to the machine and €2 later we were on our VERY HEAVY 3 speed bikes. While they could not possibly break time trial records they were easy to get going even up an over some bridges. In fact, we saw quite a few nice spots of Nantes. As you can see from our photos below.

The best thing, is that you can just drop it off and leave it. I reckon there is no better way around town. Can’t wait to try them in London, Paris, and Copenhagen. I hope it catches on in Melbourne and that perhaps we see more in Australia.

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