Things to love about Copenhagen

1. Cycling. Ah the joy of discovering the city by bike. So simple to do, and so easy. I will admit finding the “inexpensive” Copenhagen cycles is a little difficult for tourists to locate. We gave up and hired bikes from our hotel. By our last day we found the copenhagen bikes – walking seemed the best idea given it was raining.

2. Bike lanes, and traffic signals for cyclists. Cycling is so easy around Copenhagen, even with scheduled works. Space is set aside for cyclists and pedestrians.

3. It’s flat. See number 1.

4. Street food: the grand medister. It’s a sausage served with tomatoe sauce, mustard, friend onions, and bread. We’re informed that many years ago the medister sausage was part of the diet for the not so wealthily class along with mashed potatoes and greens.

5. Danish design. Modern buildings, are innovative in structure and certainly stand out. They certainly aren’t your standard rectangle shaped building. Added to this are the products available in the shops. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough room in our suitcase to buy anything.


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