What to shall we do in Paris today?

TDF, originally uploaded by Helen K.

Today’s forecast tells me it will be 19 degrees, with sun and clouds. What shall we do today – there a so many things for tourists to see Paris, but here is what we have decided:

1. Sleep in, for a change.

2. Have breakfast in the hotel, it will be more relaxing.

3. Stroll around the gardens. Perhaps enjoy food and drink. Oh, we might go and watch Cadel Evans win the 2011 Tour de France, and be presented with a yellow jersey. Is there anything else that can be compared to being in Paris today?

Yes, folks we have tickets for one of the stands on the final Champs Elysee. Don’t know what the experience will be like (welcome by tour host, gift – who knows what this will be like, food and drink through the afternoon), but today is a great day to be an Australian and be here in Paris to see the presentation of the Jerseys. And no, we didn’t bring a flag – in 2005 when we saw the TDF we were ignored so I left it at home, I’m okay with this.

As for Australia having a public holiday on Monday to celebrate – why not, makes damn good sense to me.

So, what will you be doing today?


  1. there’s a bicycling parade on. Keep your fingers crossed the Welsh guy doesn’t fall off. Walk round saying G’day mat and no worries in a veeey loud voice. Try ro avoid the locals. Don’t go on Le Meetro K strange tgings happen tgere. Definitely don’t go in any phoneboxes…..


  2. Gail · July 24, 2011

    La di da….. I’m going downtown Pennington to watch women’s soccer … And proud of it…


  3. Peter Sheppard · July 24, 2011

    Where did you end up staying? The place in Rue Cler? If so, get up and have breakfast outside at one of the cafes.


  4. Peter Sheppard · July 24, 2011

    Silly question, but how do I open the photos – they just flash past in the panel on the right


    • Kym · July 25, 2011

      Just go to flickr.com/helenk or flickr.com/hmkdt


  5. HelenK · July 25, 2011

    Click on the photos, they should take you to our indidividual photo sites.


  6. Kym Della-Torre on Facebook · July 25, 2011

    There were plenty of people doing that. No need for me to add to that!


  7. Well the Welsh guy stayed on. Good on him. Bet it was good fun ! Although I suspect there were some cringe-worthy moments….


  8. Kate · July 25, 2011

    I am spending today being extremely tired & very very jealous 😉 Looking forward to hearing ALL about it!!


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