New York food roundup

There is no doubt that food is something New Yorker’s take food seriously. Every day we found a an impressive food experience. Let’s share just over a week of great experiences with you.

We arrived from Australia on Saturday night and headed straight for Eataly. A food store, bakery, gelateria, brewery, kitchen store all in one. I posted this blog entry about Eataly.

Dinner at Eataly

On Sunday night we went to Paulie Gee’s, we’ve shared our story in this blog post.

For lunch, however, we had some fantastically simple lobster at the fish store in Chelsea market. It’s hard to believe how cheap lobster is over here. Supply and demand? There is a lot of demand… But is there a lot more supply? Or is there something else happening in Adelaide.

Chelsea Market

11 Madison Park was a fantastic experience. It was the story of New York imaginatively presented. We had the perfect NY picnic, NY cookies, NY soda, NY cheesecake. The dining room seemed to be an old bank and the service was friendly ant attentive. Highly recommended for people to get a NY feel through food. There has clearly been a lot of collaboration between the chef and local producers.

11 Madison Park

Perfect spring weather demands a salad outside the New York Public Library does it not? Fortunately there is a great little restaurant just out the back overlooking Bryant Park.

K waiting
Bryant Park

You know we love sushi and sashimi in Japan. But, for an innovative French treatment of fish, there is no doubt that Le Bernardin is the best fish we have ever had outside of Japan. The service was impeccable and the environment created inside and outwardly plain building near time square was quite impressive. The matching of the wines with the dishes was perfect.

Dinner Le B

Well, I could talk about eating at the Crab Shanty Shack and H’s ordeal with crabs… But I won’t.

Crabs anyone?
City Island

Instead I’ll tell you about Junior’s. Junior’s is a famous Brooklyn institution – known around the world for its cheesecakes. It opened a satellite store in Grand Central Terminal in the early 2000’s. In 2009 they opened a new restaurant near Times Square. We just happened across walking back to the hotel from Kinky Boots…. We had to go in.

Junior’s BLT
Last Import-100

Friday was a food expedition day to lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. There is no doubt that one of the food discoveries of the week was humble flat bread from SCRATCHbread. H had the chopped egg salad melt and K had the mushroom melt. Fan-bloody-tastic, Adelaide needs these!

Flatbread Brooklyn Style

So many amazing food options in New York. We spontaneously decided to check out Momfuku Ssan Bar. With a no reservations policy it was easy, turn up put your name on the list, go for a walk, and return when you get your e-mail or SMS. Return and eat fantastic food. The atmosphere is energetic and communal. Focus of the food is local.

Veal’s head terrine and sardines
All Imported-1408

Hungry after a big bike ride. We needed to replenish the fuel tank, but we really didn’t want to walk too far. Yelp to the rescue – oh mighty yelp, where can we eat within a few hundred metres from the hotel? Mighty yelp told us that Pio Pio 8 had pretty fantastic Peruvian chicken. We agree.

Better than take away BBQ chicken
Pio Pio 8


  1. L^2 · May 8, 2013

    Looks like an interesting selection. I think Sir Li was planning to steal your lobster. The BLT looked good and so did the generous serving of Peruvian chicken.


    • Kym · May 9, 2013

      Yes all that Peruvian food was only $30 or so dollars. If we ate there again we would order only the salad and rice with the chicken, that would be just right.


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