We’ve done a bit of cycling on this holiday. This trend has continued when staying with my relatives. You would ordinarily think… ah with relatives perfect time for a slow relaxing cycle and a chat. However, this was not the case for us on Sunday. We managed a 93km cycle from Masion Pompidou in Peterborough to Bowmanville.

We had driven the route a couple of days before, so we knew the conditions… not to mention the couple of steep hills we would encounter.

We set off around 9:30 and began the slow climb.

Beginning of the ride
Ride - Peterborough to Bowmanville

Chris on the ride
Ride - Peterborough to Bowmanville

We stopped around 38km in at a little place called Millbrook. Originally we had planned to stop at the Pastry Pedler – but it is closed every Sunday and Monday. But we previously bought our provisions on the scouting ride, so we sat back and enjoyed the pastries.

Morning tea stop in Millbrook
Ride - Peterborough to Bowmanville

After the short stop was one very steep climb (on a chocolate-coconut-peanut butter slice)…. And a number of undulating hills as we headed towards lunch.

On the road
Ride - Peterborough to Bowmanville

Ride - Peterborough to Bowmanville

After lunch we road near Lake Ontario towards Port Hope, where we then headed inwards back to Bowmanville, where we arrived just after 4pm.

Kym’s unacceptable bridge
Ride - Peterborough to Bowmanville

Road near Bowmanville
Ride - Peterborough to Bowmanville

It was a great ride, through lovely scenery – with a few unexpected hills at the end (thanks Ed) However, we were glad to get back to base, and slept well that night. Thanks to both Ed and Chris for taking us.

We made it!
Ride - Peterborough to Bowmanville

One comment

  1. Maryp · May 22, 2013

    Leaves the ride.. to Eltham for dead. I can see the bar has been raised……


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