Last ride

Last full day staying with the relatives…. Rain and thunder threatening, and what do we decide to do? A leisurely ride around Toronto. Not an short dawdle but 59km. The ride was full of construction, detours, map reading problems, roadworks, and the odd hill or two.

We commenced the ride at the Toronto Botanical Gardens…. and we’re soon consulting the map after the route was blocked due to construction.

Car loaded
Ride around Toronto

Ride around Toronto

Eventually, after some riding, more construction we made it to the waterfront…. and the man made beach. Then hit with more construction we eventually made it up to the music garden area and had lunch.

Ride around Toronto

After lunch, we headed back down to the waterfront and up to Fort York. From here we went to High Park, headed over to Ronsevallies Ave for a “good coffee” and a croissant which was pretty good 🙂

Fort York
Ride around Toronto

Ride around Toronto

To work off the snack we headed down to High Park in search of a pond, but found a few hills. We had a few encounters with the local wildlife, and began the long cycle back across Toronto.

Lake in High Park
Ride around Toronto

local wildlife
Ride around Toronto

Ride around Toronto

Cycling back… Was no mean feet…. It started with a right on Anette across the suburbs, and through a cemetery around the time went he roads were getting busier with traffic. Thankfully a local took us through otherwise we would still be trying to find our way back. However we till had a number of “all way stops” to get through (they need roundabouts), saw a groundhog and made it back to the car all before the rain started! Woo-hoo what a great day out on the bike.

Back to the car
Ride around Toronto

One comment

  1. L^2 · May 23, 2013

    It’s a good thing it was overcast and the groundhog couldn’t see its shadow – I do not fancy a long winter, although the rain here has been very welcome.


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