If that’s your petite fours selection, then I am moving to Japan.

We visited Les Creations de Narisawa last night for dinner.

There weren’t too many decisions to be had, other than whether or not to go for the wine pairing. I am not sure that was really a hard decision! The wine pairing involved an exploration of Japanese, French and German wines over a 35 year period! Wow!

In any case, all this simplicity and lack of decision making was blow away at the end when the petite four trolley was brought over for us to choose some.

The tiny tasting light of macarons? The Apricot jelly? Green tea mochi? Seasonal macarons. Cigar biscuits, oh oh oh so many I can’t even remember them all. This must be part of the selection criteria for the waiters.

Have a look for yourself – it was so big we couldn’t fit it into a single photo. It was taken with out Lytro – so you can refocus it by pointing to the part you want to focus on.



Oh, and did forget to tell you this was after our two dessert courses.




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