Moves update

It is true that we have been eating a lot, but I should let you know about our “output” so that you can make your own judgement whether the our input is in balance… Or not.

Friday, 20.6 km walking
Saturday 15.1 km walking
Sunday 13.0 km walking
Monday 13.4 km walking
Tuesday 13.9 km walking and 11.4 km cycling
Wednesday 14.8 km walking and 7.3 km cycling
Thursday 15.7 km walking
Today … We’ve already done. 13.3 km and we’re not finished yet.

At this rate, in a little over a week, we will have walked more than 150km and ridden nearly 20km as I relax in my comfortable Shinkansen seat going @ 250 or so km/h back to Tokyo. We do have a rather fine dinner booked!

I’ll drink a Suntory Premium Malts to that achievement.



  1. L^2 · April 26, 2014

    Our feet hurt just reading about it!


    • Kym · April 26, 2014

      I wouldn’t mind a foot massage just about now!


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