A funny thing happened at the check-in counter…

Today has been one of those hot and sticky days.  When you walk, the sweat is literally dripping from you – okay I was pulling a couple of bags but I have never sweated so much.  I will acknowledge now, I will never move to a location with humid weather.

After enjoying a Japanese breakfast, repacking the packing from the previous night replacing the suitcase and wandering around Coredo (building and shopping complex highlighting traditional Japanese fare), enjoying lunch and saying goodbye to Gaku, we bought another small suitcase – sorry mum I hope it’s going to fit in the car.  We then lugged the suitcases (two large bike cases and two smaller cases), and the bike bag on three trains, up and down escalators after 1.5+ hours we made it to the airport checkin.  Hooray.

After a short conversation about our bags (yes the air is out of the tyres, and we do have one fragile item in a bags) we were regretfully informed the flight was full, and we have had our seats changed – to business.  She hoped we didn’t mind.  Given the pulling of the bags, we are more than happy to take the upgrade – thanks Qantas!

See you the other side of the pond. 


One comment

  1. Helen Goerecke · July 20, 2015

    Business class? Gosh that’s tough!


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