What are you carrying…?

Everything you see in the photo is all we have with us.

Day 2 - Kanazawa - Togi

… here’s another one

Day 2 - Kanazawa - Togi

We have clothing to suit wet wether… but so far it’s been great and is looking good until at least Sunday. hooray! It’s been relatively easy with the few bags we have…. we even have room for some snacks in case we don’t find somewhere to eat along the way.

Day 2 - Kanazawa - Togi

Our suitcases are at our hotel we stayed at in Tokyo. We are very grateful to them for keeping our luggage. Can’t say I’m looking forward to seeing it again….


  1. Helen & Tony Goerecke · April 20, 2018

    How lucky are you? Good weather to cycle, pristine gorgeous scenery and you’ve re-written the travel books about how to travel light!


  2. Inta Yates · April 26, 2018

    Truly gobsmacking – that you can travel with so minimum stuff.


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