Once we got to Wajima… and started to explore the town, we found a onsen for dogs – the dog is so cute!

Day 3 - Togi to Wajima

Along the foreshore were a few people fishing… I quite liked this persons approach to carry equipment

Day 3 - Togi to Wajima

There are a number of new buildings along the foreshore. One of them was a bakery called “Rapport du pain”. Naturally We found it was open (10 mins till closing)… and we bought a couple of rolls – which were really good. If you are ever in Wajima – go here!

Day 3 - Togi to Wajima

Camembert was inside this roll

Day 3 - Togi to Wajima

Fruit pieces!

Day 3 - Togi to Wajima

And for dinner we went to JIN – which was Teppanyaki. We managed to order. It was hard to know what items are when Japanese refers to cuts of meat. Also had a conversation partly in Japanese of where we were from.. what we were doing in Wajima… and how long for! Oh I need more practice!

Day 3 - Togi to Wajima

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  1. Helen & Tony Goerecke · April 20, 2018

    Sounds like the Japanese lessons were worthwhile………


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