Loop ride…

Back in Tokyo… and we set out to do a loop ride and visit places we’ve never been too. You might think… you’ve been there so many times its not possible – but given the size of Tokyo it is possible!

You’ve always got to start the day right… with a coffee

Day Kanazawa - Toyama- Tokyo

Tokyo is always changing, and new buildings pop-up. This in an example of that


Surprisingly we saw another Brompton!


Can you spot Mt Fuji in this photo? It’s taken from a free observation deck. As it’s spring here a local told us “you are really lucky to see the top at this time of year, as there is usually a lot of cloud”. But I will add minutes later cloud covered it up…


Back streets of Tokyo have some great little shops – take this one Golden Retriever Bakery


We also came across a cafe which has a sister cafe in Melbourne…


… and back to the hotel.

Tokyo loop ride


  1. Helen & Tony Goerecke · April 27, 2018

    You two should really set up a little “individual Japanese tours” business for fit, athletic Aussies!


  2. Skye · April 28, 2018

    Hi Helen and Kym,

    I just sent to Cibi in Collingwood and met the owners!

    They have just released a cookbook that I’ll show you on your return!

    Looks like you’ve had a wonderful trip – see you soon.



    • helen · April 28, 2018

      The one in Tokyo is great!


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