Good luck…


We had a few hours while transiting… towards the end a person was calling out “kwaka-san” and “Della-Torre-san”. Just like that we were upgraded to Business- woo-hoo! Lay flat bed… and fabulous Japanese food



what else could you ask for? Okay,

Less turbulence would of been nice.. but at least I managed to sleep. Well if I was being honest it would also be my suitcase. When we arrived after getting through immigration, my name was on a notice sign next to the remaining suitcases waiting to be taken. After some conversation with a staff member, it turns out my suitcase did not leave Melbourne… and would be in Tokyo the next day. On the positive side getting to the hotel for me was easier on public transport as I only had my bicycle suitcase!

One comment

  1. Helen & Tony Goerecke · December 27, 2018

    Glad you got the upgrade to business class before realising the second suitcase wasn’t on the same plane as you!


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