Second day…

As any seasoned rider will tell you – the second day of a riding tour is the worst.

Day 8

However, I don’t really remember this until I’m on the bike – at least that was the case today.

At the end of the second day you remembered how, at times, uncomfortable the bike seat can seem.

It’s also those last few kilometres to where you are staying… when you keep thinking “how much longer….” and “why didn’t we find a place closer”.

Day 8

As you can see it was long – and as Kym said “At least we got here before 6pm”. On the bright side it will all be forgotten tomorrow!

One comment

  1. Helen & Tony · January 3, 2019

    Know what you mean,….I’ve been trying to walk at least 10,000 steps every day since January 1 – first day easier, second harder, today had to really drag the feet!


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