Can Luis Vuitton be fun..?

Reading the heading you might think it would only be fun if you had money. When in Tokyo in Ometesando – yes you can have fun. On the top of Louis Vuitton store there is a Gallery space which regularly has interesting interactive art – and good views!

It was our last day in Tokyo and we were searching online for a place to go which would be fun for our friend’s son. When Kym mentioned it…. I had my doubts. To get to the gallery- yes you have to enter the front door – which will be opened for you by men in suits! No need to go through the whole shop.. as soon as you enter turn right and head to the lift to the 7th floor.

What an amazing space – for anyone. Essentially it is a large gallery and had installed blue plastic strips hanging from a platform which was secured to walls & ceiling. Our friends son seemed to love it. We walked through and ran through the strips. Our friend’s son ran around having an fabulous time.

Day 13

Day 13

This seemed to amuse the security people and other people who were there at the same time.

Day 13

We were there for at least 30 minutes … and it was great. If you are going to Tokyo the space is worth visiting – and yes Luis Vuitton can be fun!

Here is the view

Day 13

Additional information about the space can be read here

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