Bar hopping in Kichijoji

First night in Tokyo and we met up with our Brompton friends in Kichijoji. It was great to catch up have some great food (it’s Tokyo it’s all good) and alcohol.

Plates are empty- they did contain goyza, rice and beer. Yes we were cramped into the booth at the end – most enjoyable!

… then we moved to a four story bar

Then a Scottish themed bar… where we talked about gin

… and now on the second to last train home. Here is to sleeping in!


  1. Helen Goerecke · October 3, 2019

    Looks like a good start to Japan! Sore heads the next day?


    • kymdt · October 3, 2019

      We paced our drinks unlike some ex-pats in an English speaking stand up bar!!


    • helenhmk · October 3, 2019

      No… all good today! 👍


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