Day 1: Slow Tour of Yorkshire

Hull to Driffield

Kingston-upon-Hull is the central location selected for the Slow Tour of Yorkshire. According to Google Hull is

  • a port city in East Yorkshire
  • the perfect place to bring up a family
  • one letter away from Hell
  • officially one of the world’s most congested cities
  • setting the benchmark for its young entrepreneurs
  • becoming a greener city
  • a UK city of culture

The first day of the slow tour of Yorkshire saw us complete a lazy 61 kms to Driffield via Beverley. This route followed off-road paths through most of urban Hull and then followed very quite country lanes.

We had great weather and accomplished some quite good speeds given the tailwinds we benefited from.

To Beverly

A few minutes out of the old-town of Hull we were pleasantly surprised to find off-road paths. This tools us through must of the busy parts of Hull. Not a bad thing given we set-off during peak hour.

The suddenly we’re in cabbage territory.

We’re did that substation come from?

Then out of nowhere Beverly Minster appears.

Obligatory morning tea at a tea house was required as reward for the first half of the ride.

To Driffield

Thus far, based on the photographs it’d be reasonable to expect that we had fine weather all day. Well not quite. Just outside of Beverley it started to rain.

But fear not the rain did not last for long.

After the rain and considerable time of a slight incline, the rain disappeared and there was a glorious decline and tail winds. That perfect combination that cyclists dream about.

We had lunch at Hutton Cranswick which fortunately timed itself with another downpour. We thought we had dodged a bullet only to find Helen’s bike had pulled off a flat tyre. YEAH!

Backroads to Driffield and a major flour milling operation. We made it to our Northern train back to Hull.



  1. Helen Goerecke · October 14, 2019

    You two should really do cycling and eating guides for fellow cyclists, walkers and foodies


    • kymdt · October 15, 2019

      Yeah, that’s the blog!! It’s free too. 😉


  2. Helen Goerecke · October 15, 2019

    Yes, but it would make a good business,……


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