Day 10: Slow Tour of Yorkshire

The Hull Hustle

The final day of our Slow Tour of Yorkshire allegedly involved a loop around the city of Hull. We did have a GPX file to follow. But we quickly abandoned that route and followed something more random.

Part 1 of the route broadly followed the River Hull and then moved towards Hull University. Coffee and food provisions were bought from Newland avenue.

Part 2 of the route involved a random ride towards Helen’s Uncle’s House. If you follow it pop in and say hi to Bob.

Part 3 of the route involved a direct ride back to the Hideout Homebase along Anlaby Road in the wet!

The first two parts of the route are provided below, The last part, unfortunately, was not recorded. You know how it goes with tech. Works 95% of the time but let’s you down for the last 5%.

We spent three weeks in Hull. We found a city with a group of people that are taking the history of Hull and making something with it. There is a good theatre and music scene. There is also good food and coffee.

Frankly, the Hull City Council has continued to improve the shopping and old town areas. Everywhere is having a tough time with commercial properties given the disruption of retail by the internet. But I wonder whether Adelaide is a one-trick pony. Rundle Mall in the 1970s can not be all there is to be done? So many of our city streets are run down and there are indeed things that our Adelaide City Council could learn from Hull.

If you’re in Yorkshire – visit Hull – it might be at the end of the train line – but it has much to offer. Here are some photos to tempt you.


  • If you actually want to follow the correct loop, then it is available from Let’s Ride UK.

One comment

  1. Elizabeth Davey · October 28, 2019

    I am pleased Helen & yourself seem to have enjoyed your slow trip around Hull and the weather wasn’t to unkind (it can get so blustery and cold). As a child I used to ride a lover the place, often to Beverley Westwood & Hessle for picnics etc and watch the Humber bridge being built!
    Did you know that Kingstone upon Hull was a very large fishing area housing quite a few large harbours/docks (some of which have now been filled in and built on) and was the second most bombed city in England in the Second World War with 90% of its buildings being damaged! It managed to pick itself up (so to speak) after this and is now yet again trying to re-invent itself and keep up with the times.
    In 2017 Hull was picked as the uk city of culture, which the city was very proud of.


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