Blog post..?

It’s cold here in Birmingham. – just in case you are sitting in sunny Australia and thinking you are not looking forward to summer.

Well here in England, I would not be looking forward to winter. Thankfully I’m only here for another week.

Yesterday at this time it was a warm 2 degrees – and the wind is cold! While it is cold – at least it’s not raining. To stay warm while cycling yesterday I was wearing seven layers of clothing – and two of the shirts were heatech clothing (Japanese brand of thermal, I should of pack the ‘extra warm’ shirt), a puffy vest (the down was obtained responsibly), and a jacket. I understand now why Europeans have very warm jackets and wear tshirts underneath. Clearly I’m not used to living in this climate!


  1. Helen Goerecke · October 30, 2019

    36 is forecast for Adelaide tomorrow, Helen. Dont think I’d survive an English winter either even with all those layers


    • kymdt · October 31, 2019

      Yes, it is a good push factor for coming back home…


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