Bakery review…

Bakeries in Australia are fabulous. I may be a world traveller – but based on experience they certainly are at the top of my list.

So far we have visited two… the Ardrossan Bakery and the Maitland Bakery.

The Ardrossan Bakery is easy to locate – as it is I in the Main Street. There are a few seats outside, and over the road there are a couple of park benches under the Norfolk pines which are down the Main Street.

We had pasties, sausage rolls, chocolate doughnut and apricot turnover and sat outside given the weather was delightful. While I generally prefer tomatoe sauce put in the centre of the pastie with a squeezey bottle the usual presentation is the sauce in the takeaway packet you squeeze together and put over your food. Pastie was great, as was the apricot turnover. For me the doughnut was a little more cake-y than I prefer. I’m generally not a fan of large amounts of cream – but the apricot turnover was fabulous – and a real highlight. Not too sweet… just perfect. If you are in the neighbourhood – I recommend it!

The second bakery we visited was in Maitland.

It was late afternoon… and they were about to close for the day. We had just completed a cycle from Port Vincent to Point Pearce and back. The wind had taken a lot of energy out of us – what there was nothing better than a bakery product Again, I tried the apricot turn over and it was pretty good as it was eaten very quickly. You do have the option to eat inside as there are the usual few tables and you can also get a tea or a coffee

Both places are worth visiting if you are on the road and searching for a quick hunger fix.


  1. Helen Goerecke · August 10, 2020

    Looks yum – country bakeries are always hard to resist – and you earnt those treats! Weather not looking wonderful for tomorrow though…..


    • helenhmk · August 10, 2020

      Yes…. no cycling tomorrow. Too wet!


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