Washington Train

Well we’re back at the amazing public library. We went on an architectural tour of the library last night, it’s book spiral was especially amazing! We had dinner with some of the other people on the tour.

Helen is currently talking with one of the librarians. After this we hope to have lunch in the international district (i.e. China Town), visit the Seattle Art Museum, and take a ride on the waterfront trolley and then catch the Washington Dinner Train.

Yesterday, we also went to the Space Needle and Pioneer Place (their old downtown) and ran into an ex-South Australian selling cookies. It was good to hear our own accent, even though she has now picked up some of the Seattle/US mannerisms. As I set in this temple of a library, I can see through its latticed glass wall that the fog has cleared much early today! We were still foggy until well after lunch yesterday.

One comment

  1. Kym · October 9, 2004

    The Washington Dinner Train was an interesting experience involving a loss of a traction (we ate dinner within view of the Boeing factory!!) and tracks that need to be tamped.Oh dear! IF that is the spirit of washington, then it is pretty rocky!


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