Vancouver Public Library…

It certainly is an impressive struture. The building itself is located on one whole square block, and looks like a large Roman colassum from the outside. The building itself reminds me of a snail shell. One you enter the large foyer (will attach pictures as soon as we can get to a computer that will let us!!) in addition to access into the library there are a number of shops (coffee, florists, magazine shops) which make the place feel very alive.

We were there at approx 3.30pm yesterday and it was very very busy. First impressions are everything (or so JOhn Stanley tells us). I loved the security guard on the entry door telling someone to get off their mobile phone (why I have no idea given there are phones all over the building). There are seven floors with escalators going up & down to each floor. A lot of the sloor space is taken up with shelves, desks, and tables where you can access the Librarians who specialise in a particular subject area. There are lots of computers (however only those on the bottom floor are for visitors – of which I may say are few!), and the area is very busy – like the whole library. They even have their storage areas on the 6th + 5th floor in compactus.

However, I felt that there wasn’t enough space for people to sit in a comfy chair and relax – apart from the floor that the fiction area is on. The Children’s area also has hardly any space for kids to lounge about – apart from the nooks at the side.

Great bulding – but they really seem to lack space for the people and the collections- given that they have only been open 9 years I would be worried!

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