My last post from the Northern Hemisphere

Oh well, I will be back in Adelaide soon. I look forward with anticipation and hesitation…. You can work out why.

Anyway, on our last day in London we had the pleasure of taking the stairs to the top og Big Ben, a big thank you to Mr JMcG. Unfortunately, there was a policy of strictly no photos. Given the heightened level of security I wasn’t willing to try and sneak a photo. The police and security are understandably focused.

It doesn’t matter because even if I had photos I could not upload them at this free internet terminal service operated by the BBC in Hull. I am happy to be taking advantage of the TV licence fees paid by the English. It is also quite fun to remind them, that yet again we are going to win the Ashes. I don’t even need to know anything about cricket to have fun with this one.

Hull is no longer to the number 1 crap town in Englad. The revised book – crap towns II have droppped it back to number 17. I agree in the last 5 years there has certainly been a lot of goof change. You can even drink a mocha outside now. Although today is a bit like an Adelaide winters day.

Ooh dear, the BBC is palying scary 80s music on the radio! “we’re the kids in America woah!!!” ……..

See you all soon, except of course you don’t live Adelaide then a prochain!

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