"Never a dull moment in Hull"

That is what the logo on the t-shirt in the information centre in Hull says. Although prior to coming here a number of people commented “why would you want to go there?” .

We met the friendly relatives at Hull station – however we can’t upload any photos. Currently usibng the computers available for free at the BBC just opposite the Queens Gardens, and there is no USB port – the pictures will have to wait until Thursday – sorry!

On Saturday we had the full Hull experience – walking around the town, morning tea at Skeltons, Fish, chips and mushy peas for lunch, followed by a two-hour walking tour of Hull old town in the afternoon – which was actually really interesting.

On Sunday we met a few more relatives while pouring over the family tree, and cups of tea and cake (golden syrup cake – yummy!). There are a few photos missing – whch means some work to do when I get home! Will put up the photos of the relatives later in the week.

The weather in England has turned cold… a lot like the Adelaide winter – so it is not too bad. However it is when the weather is like this that you relise that you have not packed the right clothing. Not much point worrying about it now! The only worry we have is our bags being the right weight – and not too over when we go to the airport tomorrow… sigh.. always the worst part of any trip (that and packing).

At least I’ve managed to pick up something to read – bought teh latest Harry Potter for £7.39 – bargain!!! Everywhere else it has been £11+ so I’ve done well on that score.

Library update
It is a very sad state of affiars, not one cloth library bag – but I do have three plastic ones. It is interesting reflection that while everyone else in the world is reducing their plastic bag consumption , libraries seem to be giving them out willy nilly. Obviously not tapped into the social concious.

Looking forward to coming home (not the long flight obviously!!!!!!!)

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