Stop Lights Work Sometimes

Stop Lights Work Sometimes
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The model of orderly traffic here in Delhi. But really its not that bad provided you have that special blend of the devil may care attitude combined with hair trigger rection times.

We’ve managed cross a few of these roads unaided and lived to tell the tale. Caught an auto rickshaw to dinner, unaided. It’s the best ride you can have for a $1.00!

Although, the road to Agra was an education in peak hour traffic Indian style. Especially the overpacked rickshaws with employees on the way to work. A relaxing bike ride is possible and is certainly popular, provided you have the special combination.

The road to Agra is lined with gum trees. If California and India can plant them why can’t the State Government and the ACC line our streets with them?

Anyway – can’t do too much more because this internet connection is very slow.


  1. John · February 25, 2007

    Hi Guys,Sounds like you\’re coping really well, tke a bw. Feli sent a long helo the othger day and pressed all the right buttons but we canot find it anywhwere now. Love your diary, lots more to come suspect.Alkl th bst,m J&F


  2. Anonymous · February 25, 2007

    Hi guysAm enjoying your tales from afar. I hope your both keeping your eyes peeled for hire bike places (it\’d be great too to see a piccy of a few Indian men helping you up a steep hill on the way to a temple or similar). cheersBradp.s. more libraries please


  3. Kym · February 26, 2007

    We\’ve already hired a bike. It is pretty tough going from 24 gears to one! The seat is set for the Indian average height, which is lower than me, so I couldn\’t cycle and steer at the same time.Hey John, did receive the long note from Felicity. It is on one of our earlier posts. I haven\’t posted the letter yet – you can e-mail me at holiday \”at\”


  4. Anonymous · March 1, 2007

    HI Kym an Helen,Following your progress through India with interest and much amusement. Seems like you have wised up to the many guides offering unsolicited advice at which ever monument you are at to people asking you to donate to orphanage/leper colony/blind peoples home etc. Hey Kym, Glad to hear that you received the note from me sent earlier. As mentioned John\’s office has raised the money for an eye operation for Prabha, the litle girl in Dehradun. If you agree, I would like to transfer $A200 into your australian bank account so that you can send a additional INR6,000 to the address listed below. Best to send it in two envelopes wrapped in blank paper (so cannot see thro) with a note \”Payment For Prabha JeetSingh\’s eye operation from Felicity D\’Rozario\”. Please let me know urgently if this is OK with you. If you doAddress is Molly Kuriakose,New Theological College,Kulhan PO,Sahastradhara Road,DEHRADUN, India.and le me know your bank details so I can transfer the money. Hey Helen, library news. Simone Martin, IT administrator at UnleyLibrary has resigned to take up a position in Qeensland. She leaves on Mar 9th. Enjoy Udaipur. It is my favourite city. Shopping the best in India. TIP. There is a wonderful temple of carved sandstone figures a good as the arma Sutra temples, hidden in the Aravelli hills above Udaipur. It was closed to tourists due to looting. If you can get a friendly taxi river/local guide to take you there. It is well worth it.Lots of loveFeliity


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