Listen to advice from those who learn the hard way

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One of the best tips I read before leaving was that the difference between an enjoyable holiday and one less so in India is having the judgement to work out who is trying to “scam” you and those that are not.

Here is documentary evidence of a very friendly Indian that approached me to have a conversation in the beautiful Lodi Gardens (although some might consider it better named lovers’ gardens). He welcomed me to his country and pinned a flag on my lapel. He then seemed reassuring and genuine until he pulled out his book and asked for money for blind orphans! Of course there was a good list of other people who hade made contributions – from all over the world.

I certainly hope he was geniune but I have my doubts. The approaches from children and beggars for 10 rupees is a lot easier to deal with than those with reasonable command of English and appears to be having a good chat. One day when I am feeling vulnerable ask me about Jaipur!!!

Off course this makes it bade for those genuine people who do just want to have a chat. And there have been a few of those ….

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