Best mocha on holiday yet!

Best mocha on holiday yet!
Originally uploaded by Helen K

I didn’t think it was possible… but yes we found a mocha that was quite good in Japan.

While waiting for the ferry back to Hiroshima we had 25 minutes to use so we wandered over to a coffee and food place not far from the ferry terminal on Miyajima island.

It is very different from my top three favourite mocha locations in Adelaide. The coffee was strong enough, and had some chocolate in it – but it also contained a dlop of sweaten chocolate cream in the middle.


  1. Anonymous · April 10, 2008

    looks like they put more effort into decorating their coffees over there than over here. PF.


  2. Kym · April 13, 2008

    Yes, but less effort at the espresso machine!


  3. Amethyst · April 15, 2008

    So glad you found a good mocha while on your holiday. I\’m still on the search for a good one in northern Adelaide.


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