Air China over China

Air China over China

Originally uploaded by Helen K

This proves we made it on the plane. The journey was pretty uneventful (apart from the turbulence for around an Checking in was a long queue for nearly an hour, where a number of people where repacking their cases in the middle of the floor. Thankfully I can say I pack neatly compared to a number of people on that flight!

Thank-you to the person who mentioned the nose cone camera view available on the in-flight movie system. Apart from that entertaining viewing at night time, I occupied my time by watching Over the hedge, the Bee Movie, and Lost in Translation, and reading one of the manga novels purchased in Sydney. Top films available on Air China! Sleeping, well that was optional, as it always is on long flights. Food was good – decided to go the Chinese option for breakfast, which was a rice dish, with mince pork.

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