We’ve received our first challenges!!!

This first one is REALLY easy – Helen was given some Yen to have a shopping spree in ITOYA. Last year we may have spent more than a few hours exploring this massive shop! If you were really lucky you received an ITOYA pen.

The second challenge builds on this theme. After hours and hours in a office supply shop one needs some recuperation. Of course we’ve been request to attend “Office” a fine bar on the fifth floor of a building in Gaienmae Tokyo. It is themed like a rather fine office.

If you find somewhere close to the spots we’re visiting, check out the itinerary page, that you would like us to check out then set us a challenge. Leave a comment on this post or leave a message on the guest book. We will endeavour to visit and of course take and post photos here.


  1. Kimberley · August 1, 2009

    Hi Helen and Kym – I love the new site/blog!!!
    Wow! I think it will be a good P/D for me and love to hear about your trip.

    I shall certainly set you a challenge..


  2. Helen K · August 1, 2009

    Thanks Kimberley for stopping by.

    Don’t make the challenge too hard!


  3. Peter · August 2, 2009

    So, how’s Beijing?


    • Kym · August 3, 2009

      We’ve put some posts up. In short I have sore feet and I got a bit hot.


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