The Great Wall

Before we are on our way

Originally uploaded by Helen K

With any holiday experience there are always little things the guidebooks don’t mention. Getting from the top of the Great Wall back to the bottom via a toboggan slideway is one. I don’t know why they leave it out… but it was fantastic! 2-3 minutes of pure excitement and the wind rushing through your hair. The only downside is having to slow down because the person in the front is too cautious. It definitely beats the the old chair lift any day. So next time you are in Mutianyu I highly recommend the “slideway” ride down.

At this point you are probably asking “But how was the Great Wall?”. Well it was truly amazing – what else can you say. Views are stunning (once the sky has cleared up)…. from all angles. It certainly is an incredible structure, the way it hugs the top of the mountains. on the photo will take you to my photo page where you can see many photos of the wall.  Its a great experience..  and worth the very steep climb, and all the stairs.  Thankfully they don’t have those stairs at the gym – The Great Wall is one place you wouldn’t catch me running up and down!

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