Foodie report.

You might be wondering where all the reports about food are. Well worry not, South America is not a foodie desert. There is an abundance of great food.

I could start with with Easter Island’s fantastically friendly Japanese restaurant using local fish to prepare great sushi or sashimi. Or the great empanadas we’ve had in Mendoza, Córdoba, Santiago, or Easter Island. Particularly the empanadas with cheese and locally caught tuna on Easter Island,

Cavas Wine Lodge

Or I could start the three amazing restaurants that are easily amongst the best in the world.

Amazing foraged tastes at Borago in Santiago

Cavas Wine Lodge
The best steak cooked with fire at 1884 in Mendoza

Urban chic in Palermo, Buenos Aires

Or I could start with the fact that Argentina seems to be one of the few countries that know how to cook scrambled eggs properly. Yum!


Or I could start with the amazing private and romantic dinner on the roof terrace of our “hut” with a wood fire over looking the Andes….Magic! Or maybe lunch amongst the vineyards of Mendoza.

Dinner - Cavas wine lodge

Domino del Planta

Well, I haven’t even really started.. I’ll share more with you tomorrow. I can tell you tonight, however, that if you like food you will love Chile and Argentina!

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