Things I have learnt…

1. That the enigma code was broken by Polish mathematicians in Poznan – they passed their information to the English at the beginning of World War II. Here is a picture of where these mathematicians worked.


2. Sometimes the best coffee are in the least expected spots. For example, the best coffee we found in Berlin was in the bottom of a communist showcase building on Karl Marx avenue. Yum!


3. Free High Speed Internet does not mean that it’ll work. For some reason Helen could upload her photos from her iPad, but I couldn’t. Weird hey? So anyway here is a photo you would have otherwise missed thanks to the very high speed internet here in Warsaw. 

Berlin Day 3

4. Pavlova probably originated in Germany! Poland seems to enjoy Pavlova and Pavlova derivatives much more than Aussies. 

Dinner - Warsaw

5. You’ve got to be careful on Warsaw’s big roads – best to stick to the footpat !!! The small roads are o.k.

6. A lot of people will assemble to watch two prentend goats butt heads at 12 noon?

There here too look at artificial goats butt heads - Poznan

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