Last hours in Poland…

What do we do?  Looking for pierogi to eat for lunch of course.  We headed back to the “milk bar” for lunch… but the queue was a very long way out the door.  Another place we went didn’t have pierogi left (how is this possible?).  They tried to suggest a polish style sandwich, but we weren’t into that so we left in search of an alternative.  

Kym remembered a place called Omandu... punched it into maps and we were there in no time at all.  There was a slight queue out the door, but we thought… since we had well over an hour before catching a ferry. 


Once we got a seat, and ordered we were informed there would be a 40 minute wait. That’s okay… in the mean time we had soup.  I had borscht with a cabbage filled sausage roll, and Kym’s was a vegetable soup.  Both were fabulous. The raspberry lemonade was equally enjoyable.


Then we waited…… but it was worth it!  I had hand minced meat, and Kym had black pudding, and on the top had onion and bacon.


We gobbled them up (combination of hunger and needing to get luggage to get to boat)… and our desert ones spiced apple with raspberry and cream sauce we took as a takeaway so we could enjoy them on the boat.  Thankfully, we quickly walked to the hotel packed the bikes got taxi and got to the boat in time.  So, the lesson in all this is the sign below…


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