Simple food…

What I love about Japan is the variety of food you have the opportunity to experience, as each city has their own specialty.

Day 7 - Wakura onsen - Kanazawa - Toyama

In Toyama they are known for small glass shrimp, which is only available from March to November. There is a small shop inside the train station which is famous for its dishes made with this seafood, called Shiroebitei. To order the have a vending machine on the inside, which makes it easier. This was pretty cheap for around 11,000 yen (approx AUS $15). The small shrimp are fried and sit on a bed of rice with some sauce drizzled over the top. Most importantly the taste was fabulous!


  1. Helen & Tony Goerecke · April 26, 2018

    Looks pretty good!


  2. Inta Yates · April 26, 2018

    Yes, looks enticing … and cheap


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