Bromptoneering in Japan…

On Sunday we had a Brompton cycling day planned by one of our Japanese Brompton friends. There was going to be no rain… once everyone got to the station around 10ish it was agreed by consensus we would have a coffee while waiting for the shower to pass. Yes even we can go to McDonald’s – here is proof.

Then we set off – first up the obligatory photo

Then we set off… it is amazing how much space there is in Japan. We stopped at a flood gate… here is where it began to rain and we then lost one of the group because he was so wet!

As luck would have it.. eventually it cleared up…

The route was great as there were very few cars. Only had to watch for joggers and other cyclists. We cycle between baseball pitches, golf courses, rice paddies and houses. Around 1:30 we stopped for lunch at Via cycling cafe which is certainly set up for cyclists – and they have great food options. Here was my lunch – oishii!

After an hour of sitting around eating and talking we set off again and went to a working farm which sells fabulous ice cream!

From here we went to Kawagoe.. which is famous for old Edo style street and historical shrine and bell tower. Certainly worth the visit if you have time. We eventually got to the train station and said goodbye until the Brompton in Palace ride in November!


  1. Helen Goerrecke · October 7, 2019

    Preparing you for the Hull weather perhaps?

    Liked by 1 person

    • kymdt · October 12, 2019

      Hull weather is less dangerous than the typhoon. Just use the BBC forecast and we manage to get sum.


  2. iori matsumoto · October 8, 2019

    Hi, I met you at Cafe VIA. Please enjoy your trip!


    • kymdt · October 12, 2019

      Hello, we are riding lovely quote lanes and rail trails. Hope you stay safe during the typhoon.


    • kymdt · October 25, 2019

      Thank you. We are. Hope you’re enjoying the blog.


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