Wednesday was long….

Our Wednesday was longer due to flying across the international date line. The flight was okay… uneventful – just the way I like it.

Watched a few movies: Chef, Still life, The normal heart, and VEEP (b grade american humour, but enjoyable given the location). There was a bit of turbulence a few hours in during the meal service.

Flying over so , much sea it is a delight to see land. But when you finally see the continent… The mountains are really something to behold. Coming into land in Santiago was amazing from the perspective of seeing the mountains appear… and then, go on, and on, and on. It was truly a beautiful sight – no picture can do it justice.


We spent three hours in the airport in Santiago. While the chairs were uncomfortable, there was a haze surrounding the airport, which was unfortunate as your could just see the outline of mountains hugging the area. The flight from Santiago to Buenos Aires was incredible – just for the views of flying over the Andes. We were on a Boeing 787 (Dreamliner- new), which was quite spacious for a plane, with a lot storage overhead. Once you take off the plan begins it climb up and turns to head over the Andes. Quite soon everyone is required to be in their seat for potential turbulence. The plane climbs to 41,000 feet, and the views are amazing. Unfortunately no photos were taken due to the proximity of both of us and the photo devices, the view of the snow capped mountains seem to go on and on, and are a marvel to behold. You are just going to have to wait until the bus ride – something to look forward too, sort-of.

We’re on our way!

One flight down…. and two to go. These are the segments I enjoy. Once we are on the plane… we are only 3-4 movies, half a book, magazines (thank-you SA public libraries), and a couple of meals before land again.


Advising…. no one present

Advising…. no one present, originally uploaded by Helen K.

This was the last amusing sign we spotted in China. I realise I’ve commented on a lot of odd signs in China, but I really do think they are great. To me they represent their use of the English language (difficult at the best of times). I was sadden to read in a guide book here, that with the Olympics in Beijing last year, and the World Expo in Shanghai in 2010, there is a group of people checking signage to ensure signs are appropriate, and no or little occurrences of “Chinglish” in sight.

Signs like this are rare (Airport in Shanghai)… and therefore need to be shared with everyone. I was disappointed no one was there advising.


Ordinary…, originally uploaded by Helen K.

While it would of been cheaper and faster to catch a taxi to the airport in Shanghai… we caught the taxi to the Maglev station (very fast high speed train). Ah, that is what holiday experiences are all about.

We bought a ticket for the “ordinary section”, given the ride was only 7 minutes. Kym mentioned to me prior it was 15 minutes long and the top speed was 400km per hour. However, that speed is only done between 9am and 10:30am…. I feel cheated as it only did 302km per hour. Not even enough time to get comfortable on the train!

Waiting at Shanghai Pudong Airport

Happily Waiting

Here we are playing with Photobooth on our Hackintosh. The camera ain’t too bad. There is on an endless loop of a chinese cartoon about swine flu which extolls the virtues of blowing your nose into paper to keep the swine flu that comes from America away. Plane leaves in 30 minutes it’ll take about 3hours to get Tokyo. We are looking forward to the change in pace!

Updates on red thumbs and wet backs coming tonight.

Air China over China

Air China over China

Originally uploaded by Helen K

This proves we made it on the plane. The journey was pretty uneventful (apart from the turbulence for around an Checking in was a long queue for nearly an hour, where a number of people where repacking their cases in the middle of the floor. Thankfully I can say I pack neatly compared to a number of people on that flight!

Thank-you to the person who mentioned the nose cone camera view available on the in-flight movie system. Apart from that entertaining viewing at night time, I occupied my time by watching Over the hedge, the Bee Movie, and Lost in Translation, and reading one of the manga novels purchased in Sydney. Top films available on Air China! Sleeping, well that was optional, as it always is on long flights. Food was good – decided to go the Chinese option for breakfast, which was a rice dish, with mince pork.