Qinmen Daije

Qinmen Daije, originally uploaded by kdt.

Like a focused machine Helen and I were in Beijing and we knew we had to eat Beijing (aka Peking) Duck! Helen used a simple search criteria on Google “Best Beijing Duck”. It came and back and said you MUST go to Liqun Roast Duck Restaurant in the back streets of an old Beijing Hutong.

That doesn’t too hard, but these streets are small and I can never seem to find two maps that agree on street names or locations. It doesn’t matter anyway because streets are disappearing and appearing all a time. Even our Nokia GPS had as walking in a middle of a void, even though it looked like a street.

This photo is of an area that looked very “old china” at first appearances to our naive eyes. On closer look it was clear that all the buildings were new and indeed me any were still in the process of being fitted out. This is clearly a mega shopping development. At least it wasn’t another boring mall.. Only problem is that all of little streets that should have connected to the hutongs were gone! The hutongs are certainly an endangered species.

We still made it thought by guess work and good look. Have a look at the next post to see the duck.

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