Day 6: Marion Bay to Corny Point

There is not too much accomodation available on the South Western part of the Yorke Peninsula so it’s difficult to have a reasonable length ride and go through the national park. That’s why we chose to have the national park on ride on the rest day and take the sealed (but only since 2002) Marion Bay road most of the way.

Marion Bay Road

We left early (8:00am) to avoid traffic – although it was hard to imagine too many people leaving Marion Bay that early on a Saturday. The road itself is quite wide with pretty good sight lines most of the time. It also helps that there was wind behind us and not in our faces. We flew up that road!

Random building

Our route couldn’t just be direct there had to be a scenic bit thrown in! We achieved this by following West Coast Road to Corny Point past Gravel Bay and Berry Bay. Unfortunately the turn gave us a big head wine and dirt road. But it was worth it with lunch overlooking Berry Bay South with the added benefits of toilets. (hey YP council why not proper shelter?)

Scenic Cross Roads

Corny Point lighthouse was a highlight of the day. It looks good from so many angles.

Bikes and Lighthouse

The GPX file is available from Strava – Day 6 Marion Bay to Corny Point

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  1. Helen Goerecke · September 12, 2021

    The yellow crop – is that canola?


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