Gunzel Withdrawal Syndrome

KTM Komuter
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For all of you suffering an absence of public transport photos, I have uploaded this photo of the KTM Komuter train at the Mid Valley stop. Hundreds are trying to escape the Marioness of the Mid Vally Mega Mall! We were too! This train tooks us back to KL Sentral.

Back in KL again….

Nearly home. Back in KL, much like Langkawi, it was hot and humid. I can cope with the heat, but not too well with the humidity. Thankfully we are now at the airport waiting for the flight for home.

Here’s a tip – becareful of purchasing shoulder bags in India. The dye is likely the run. I discovered this after using a green bag we bought in India. Now I have a nice patch of green across the middle of my white shirt.

On our last day we woke up late (9am ish) enjoyed the buffet breakfast, and had roti with curry for the last time. Also had an omlette, toast, tea and fruit. It sounds like a lot – but it wasn’t really.

Then we caught a taxi to the National Library – only because no direct public transport that tourists can work out reach there! Unfortunately again, you are not allowed to take photos. Sigh. Like most state libraries, you have to leave large bags in te bag room – outside and downstairs. Once you enter the library there is an Information counter and a registration counter. However these are behind glass windows, and everyone has to take a ticket and wait patiently on seats in front. To amuse the children (because it is a reference library) in the foyer it has a TV that is predominately being wacthed by children. To actually access the library you go through a security gate and round the corner and up some stairs. First floor is the periodicals (I had a look at the Malayasian Library journal), second is non-fiction and third are more periodicals. But the re-shelving – is huge! On the tables apart from signage telling you to be quiet, they also ask you to put books back on the trolley. However in one section the study tables are full of books that need re-shelving, as too are the trolleys! Glad I don’t work there.

There is also a Children’s Library – that children can borrow. It is a very large space, again with lots of books on the floor, tops of shelves etc. It is very well used – which is good to see.

While I know that this all sounds wonderful, and your thinking it must be a good looking library, it is not. There are also buckets in the foyer (it was raining yesterday), and water leaks are all over the floor from the air-con units. I only managed to take a photo of the entrance through the front door – but will post when I get home.

KL Shopping

Frankly it is hard to believe that there are so many shopping choices in KL.Currently we’re in one of the many shopping malls in the Bukit Bintang area. Although this one is firmly aimed at the locals. There is no Gucci, Dunhill, Louis Vuitton, Porsche Design, Dior etc etc there is plenty of cheap computer shops, cheap clothing shops, tailors etc. On the top floor is the trendy zone for teenages. Frankly it works and is something that could easily be emulated on the top floor of that white elephant Myer Centre.

Around the corner from this excessively fast internet cafe, hopefully Helen is uploading some more photos fo you, is the Roller Sports – roller skating rink and cafe. Given my record I decided not to try and roller skate again!!

After this we’re heading off to the National Library… They probably won’t let us in – but these are the things you do to keep the other half happy while on holiday. If you’re lucky enough you will see some photos.