Finding the right line…

Cycling on gravel roads for me on this trip has been all about finding the right line. I do not like corrugations… I suppose if I had a bike where the seat was responsive to the conditions – maybe I might find it more enjoyable.

The above photo has some good options… I say go on the right. I know it’s wrong but…

…. And they call this a re-done road. This infact is the most unpleasant surface. Sigh. Okay I know I shouldn’t complain- but trust me I said worse while cycling it.

Oh… I have one more request- if you are a driver out on one of these types of roads and you see a cyclist – please slow down. Nothing worse than giving your fellow road user a cloud of dust. lastly if anyone knows the people who own a trailer with “Tilly turtle” as it’s name – these guys get the gold star award. They stopped about 500 meters in front and waited until we past before driving again. That’s gold standard!

One comment

  1. Helen Goerecke · September 12, 2021

    That gravel and stony roads must be hellish on your bike tyres……….


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