Official Start of the slow tour of Noto.

This tour started at Tokyo station. Our bikes are fully loaded with one S-bag each and two panniers. We will spend seven days riding around 300 km. This is the first time we’ve taken Bromptons on a multi day tour. It will be interesting to see how we cope with each other, the bikes, and the lack of clothes.

Here is Helen jumping for joy at the thought of riding 300 km with me.

Repeating history, but with a different cast

Challenge achieved!

Club / coffee, originally uploaded by Helen K.

Before we left on holiday a friend set us a challenge to locate and have a drink at a trendy bar, called Office, above the Gaienmae train station in Tokyo. What else would we do on our last night in Tokyo, but visit!

We got off the right station, located the building, and climbed the stairs to the 4th floor. However it was closed for the Obon festival. Thankfully, the owners also run the bar on the first and second floor called Sign. It is a very cool place, with lounge music, good food and drink. I enjoyed a fruit tart and two glasses of plum wine with a rock (ball of ice big enough for the glass) and a fruit tart, and Kym had a burger and a couple of beers. It was a great challenge, and we enjoyed the ambiance and view – Thanks!

Next time you’re in Tokyo, I suggest you try it… or the Office on the fourth floor, so you can let us know what it is like!


We’ve received our first challenges!!!

This first one is REALLY easy – Helen was given some Yen to have a shopping spree in ITOYA. Last year we may have spent more than a few hours exploring this massive shop! If you were really lucky you received an ITOYA pen.

The second challenge builds on this theme. After hours and hours in a office supply shop one needs some recuperation. Of course we’ve been request to attend “Office” a fine bar on the fifth floor of a building in Gaienmae Tokyo. It is themed like a rather fine office.

If you find somewhere close to the spots we’re visiting, check out the itinerary page, that you would like us to check out then set us a challenge. Leave a comment on this post or leave a message on the guest book. We will endeavour to visit and of course take and post photos here.