KL Public Library

Yes we visited their public library on day 1. I know many of your would be dissapointed if we didn’t.

The library is in a semi curved building that has windows on both sides. The larger windows face a cricket pitch and the law courts – not to mention the world’s tallest flagpole. And what was infront of the window? large leather recliner chairs. Amazing. Sadly, it was a public library where they expected silence – and they got it. The only sound was us walking around.

The library was spacious – talk about room to grow! It is spread over two floors. It is new so it has lots of space for more books. The shelves were steel and the shelf ends were part of the above shelf.

Of course, like many modern public libraries – they have RFID, and their library mangement system is Horizon (surprise!).

Will uplod some photos later – running out of time.

One comment

  1. intelligent cloud · June 27, 2005

    Glad to see that you are enjoying your holidays. We are stuck in Adelaide. 36 hours late… We\’ll get into HK about 6 hours before our connection to Vancouver… See my blog for details!! CheersIntelligent Cloud


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