Mumbai Trains

Mumbai Trains
Originally uploaded by kdt.

This is a pre-emptive action to stop those complaints from blog readers who expect me to upload photos of public transport around the world.

This is a photo of the Mumbai’s fantastically over used rail system. I climbed an overpass and asked a guide kindly if I could take this photo for my adoring fans. I hope you treasure it and that you do not feel the need to write a letter of complaint….. If you do, I’ll have to upload so Mumbai bus photos. They have the best horns in the world.. ANd if your REALLY complain I promise to take photos of the KL Monorail.


  1. dale · March 14, 2007

    finally, a train picture. thank god.


  2. Kym · March 14, 2007

    It is for people like you, dale, that especially go out of my way to take train pictures! We climbed a pedestrian walkway to get this one and asked the guards nicely if we could take a photo. A wobble of the head meant yes. And so here we are another satisified blog readers.


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