The Third Country on Our Trip

Originally uploaded by kdt

In the past we’ve visited Germany for 18 hours, Singapore for six hours and Mexico for 4 hours! But we’ve a new record for our shortest visit to a country. We’ve visited North Korea for 5 minutes. Fortunately it was under the sound protection of the ROK Army.

This photo was taken from North Korea and shows the inside of the small “temporary” blue buildings built more than 50 years ago with the purpose of being used by either side and for talks between North and South Korea.

We traveled with the USO to visit the DMZ which included Panmujeon where the 1953 cease fire agreement was signed, the Dora Observatory where you can observe with big binoculars (but can’t take pictures), the 3rd tunnel.

The 3rd tunnel is one of four tunnels under the DMZ discovered by South Korea that were built to allow for a surprise attack by North Korea. The third tunnel was discovered in October 1978. Apparently 30,000 troops per hours could move through this tunnel. All I can say is that, if the troops are as tall as me there would be a lot of concussion and very few troops moving through. I thank the South Korean managers for providing hard hats. I’d been in hospital if I actually hit my head as many times as a I hit my hard hat against the rock.

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