Last night in Japan…

Okonomiyaki, originally uploaded by Helen K.

The last night of our holiday was spent having dinner at our favourite Okonomiyaki place in Osaka. We discovered it last year, when we were in search of somewhere to eat. At the time we saw a long queue of Japanese people outside, we thought it must be good, so we joined the end. We ended up going back the next night, as the food was so good.

This year, when planning the flights we had to fly back via China, and thought leaving from Osaka was the ideal opportunity for us to re-visit.

We managed to locate the place without too much trouble. As it was our last night we went for the set of five different okonomiyaki’s. Each one is made up of different ingredients and held together by egg. The picture is just one of the five we ate – and just as good as we remembered.

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