We are staying in the Palermo suburb of Buenos Aires. I understand that this is the largest of the barrios. It is itself broken down into a number of sub-barrios. Each with their own name and character. Trust me… we did a lot of walking yesterday and they certainly do feel quite different from one another.

Around our hotel

Our hotel is located in Palermo Hollywood, so named because the existence of tv and radio producers are here. This area and adjoining Palermo Viejo are loaded with restaurants, bars and boutiques.

Around our hotel

Now, Adelaideans will appreciate the problems of Plane tree lined streets on an early windy spring day. A lot of the streets here are like Frome Street in terms of having mature Plane trees, well we are hear in early spring. All I can say the joy of Plane tree pollen is no less over here.

Around our hotel

We are seeing a few bikes around. It seems to me if Buenos Aires can manage bike lines, many of them separated from the road, with its traffic, then perhaps we could do a little more back home than carp and complain.

Around our hotel


  1. Helen and Tony · October 5, 2014

    Interesting you’re in the Palermo suburb of BA. Wonder why it was so named? We’re thinking of including the “other Palermo” in a holiday next year………


    • Kym · October 5, 2014

      I understand the name is derived from the still-existing Franciscan abbey of “Saint Benedict of Palermo”. I think visiting the other Palermo would be fantastic… How about doing it with a stop over in Tokyo. JAL offers a good service!


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